Saturday, 9 January 2016


1. Work so hard and so well that your work outlives you.

To be great, you must do things that go beyond you to benefit other people. You must leave a legacy 

2. You are not just a woman, you are a human being first; so live the life you want to live not the life you have to live.
Follow through with your passion and do not easily succumb to the pressures of life. 

3. Save what you earn but give more, what is money if not a commodity for those who truly need it?

The best investment is in others, especially those who need it most. Give to others and don't wait to accumulate loads before you do.

4. Say thank you to those who don't deserve it. You are thanking God for the gift of life through them.
Be grateful for the bad people you meet in life; they give the opportunity to learn the lessons you need for the future, even if it is the next moment. Thank God for that opportunity

5. Smile like you have never been hurt, your troubles are not as worse as you think so long as you have breath

As long as the clock ticks, troubles will pass but the more you smile at them, the faster they pass. Give yourself a light heart by smiling always; a heavy heart is itself a lot of trouble.

6. This is to the men  "when you wake up, just say sorry to her and if she looks you straight in the eye with a confused look, you are free but if she continues to clean or wash without looking at you and asks "for what", apologize again. You will save your marriage a lot of troubles ( very deep but worth pondering over)

7. Dance wherever you are because I know you love it 
Do what you love to do. It brings passion and leads to results.

8. Keep a pet (preferably a cat), it will teach you care and compassion.
There are many things our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom can teach us. A cat will teach you care and compassion, a dog will teach you loyalty. These three are main elements of humanity.

9. Make friends but treat them like family. Most of them will treat you better than your relatives

If a friend of yours cannot qualify to be treated as family, then he/she is not worth keeping. There should be little difference between Friends and Family; no wonder they both start with "F"

10. Always and always love unconditionally, that is the whole essence of life

If you love, you are owed. If you hate, you owe. Keep this in mind and remember the key command, "love unconditionally". Once you create conditions and prerequisites for your love, then the "love" turns into a transaction. Life cannot depend on that.

I will bring you more lessons from the old man when I have them. For now, it's cheers.

Regina Amegah


  1. Great Piece. Thank you!
    However, Regina; Lesson 6. If I keep saying sorry, don't you think she might get tired or suspect something foul which would not be?

  2. Thank you guys. Lol..Sampson in answer to your question, the old man says apologizing in advance helps you in future wrong doings cos so long as the sun rises you are bound to offend each other intentionally or unintentionally