Wednesday, 15 February 2017


More often than not we try to compete among ourselves for the scarce resources that nature has endowed us with. Competition is good, but how we compete matters a lot.

In school, we compete for the top position through whichever means. In the place of worship, we compete among ourselves to gain the attention of others through the best hair-do, shoes, dress among others instead of being focused on our Creator.

In the family, we compete among ourselves for the greatest family property, fame/titles, or recognition.
In politics, we compete for the juiciest positions, we fight for titles, fame, wealth and class/status regardless of the means by which such are attained. We deceive the people that we mean well, we get there and show them that we meant wealth for ourselves.

At home and at school, children are taught by their parents and teachers that in order to make it in life, they must fight to beat their colleagues in everything ranging from sports to academics through fair or foul means. They grow up and the circle continues.

In all the above scenarios, we tend to forget that God is not a creator of confusion so regardless of where we find ourselves, our paths are not the same. We tend to forget that we can't all have certain things at the same time but whatever the case may be, God in His own wisdom has created for us different paths (destinies), hence the failure of one man is not the guarantee for another's success and vice versa.

This life can be likened to meeting different people at a transport yard, some will be traveling to the North, others  to the South, East, West and others may not be traveling at all, they just accompanied some of the travelers to the transport yard.

Just as we strive to win almost everything for ourselves, we must learn and also teach our young ones how to lose some battles graciously with integrity, we've got to let them know that, in life you will win some battles and lose some. It is alright to lose sometimes.

You see, the world is becoming too self-centred or driven by selfishness. Life becomes more meaningful when we stay true to ourselves, appreciative of what God has given us, work hard in dignity and stay focused. In that way, we shall all be great if not greater in our chosen fields at His own time because He has created for us, different paths.

Prosper Dzitse
Ghana's Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth

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